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ZenMate Review

September 2018 ZenMate Review & Deals

ZenMate is a simple and versatile VPN offering basic privacy and protection features. Users can take advantage of fast downloads and HD streaming with a fast connection.

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Compatible with

  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Skype
  • Spotify
  • WhatsApp
  • Gmail
  • Netflix
  • Sling
  • Tinder

Recommended For

  • Easy to use
  • Downloading
  • Connection speeds
  • Reliability
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$8.99 /mo
  • Free Trial
  • Turbo Speed
  • Desktop, Android, Mac & iOS Apps
  • Servers in 23 Countires
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Best Value
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$4.99 /mo
  • Free Trial
  • Turbo Speed
  • Desktop, Android, Mac & iOS Apps
  • Servers in 23 Countires
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$7.49 /mo
  • Free Trial
  • Turbo Speed
  • Desktop, Android, Mac & iOS Apps
  • Servers in 23 Countires
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ZenMate Overview

ZenMate offers a quick and simple solution for typical users looking to access blocked content and online streaming services around the world.  ZenMate is affordable, and easy to navigate. For those who are less concerned with ZenMate’s security and privacy features which are not as robust as some of its competitors, ZenMate makes up in its high speed connections and simple platform.

Things we like

ZenMate Netflix compatibility

User friendly interface

High speed connection

14 day money-back guarantee

No data logging

Things we didn't like

Inconsistent performance

Does not have OpenVPN protocols

Speed & Performance

ZenMate’s speed is hard to beat.  They offer blazing fast browsing speeds with quick connection times which make it optimal for torrenting and streaming online.  While many VPN services are burdened with slow connections, we found that when running correctly, ZenMate’s optimal speeds are extremely fast. ZenMate login and connect time can be as fast as 2 seconds.

Unfortunately however, we did find that ZenMate’s speed tends to be somewhat bit unreliable and inconsistent.  The high speeds ZenMate offers does not always stack up one day to the next.  Particularly slow was its North American network connection.  This can be burdensome to many who are exclusively using a VPN for Netflix.  While ZenMate is a VPN that works with Netflix, often connections were lackluster, making it difficult to stream videos. The European network however was quite fast when working an optimal connection.

The overall inconsistencies in performance can be annoying to those seeking a more stable and secure VPN


We liked that for all intents and purposes, ZenMate does not log activity or connection data. This is beneficial for users as it increases their privacy and hides their data.  Activity logging makes it easier to track users browsing history. The fact that ZenMate does not log is a helpful, as online security is a big factor for many when deciding to start using a VPN.

ZenMate only temporarily stores IP addresses for security measures, but maintain that they do not log activity.  However, ZenMate does not explicitly what and for how long they store their data, nor do they go into detail about their specific encryption measures. What is known is that they do not use the standard protocol, OpenVPN, which is disconcerting.

Furthermore, ZenMate does not offer a kill switch, which prevents against unprotected internet access. For the customer whose main concern is security and privacy, this is worth knowing.

Server Locations

ZenMate only has 23 server options worldwide, with an unconfirmed amount of IP addresses. This small choice of servers can lead to more network congestion, and a big factor in ZenMate’s inconsistent speed performance.

While ZenMate’s server locations are less than competitors, for the typical user it might not make a big difference. ZenMate servers will connect users to the most popular locations, such as the USA, UK, Australia and Europe.  This gives the common customer access to the essentials like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Showtime.

Customer Support

One aspect we found unique on the website was the “ZenMate Academy” section.  This section provides a whole host of information on internet security and privacy, with an aim to make it more accessible to the average user.  Information provided ranges from malware, to data mining, to the legality of hyperlinking and even cybercrime.

ZenMate has a well-organized support section. Their support section offers a good amount of information and clarification on many of the frequent troubleshooting issues and frequently asked questions.

Unfortunately there did not seem to be any sort of help outside of this.  There is no human response available for those who need specific questions answered.  There is no live chat feature, no available telephone number, and email response is managed through a bot.  This makes it difficult as bots are frequently buggy and fail to provide the correct answer. The lack of ability for human response was frustrating as a user.


There are multiple subscription packages available for ZenMate.  Users can subscribe monthly for $8.99 per month, buy bulk with a six month package for $44.99 ($7.49 per month), or go for a full year package for $59.99 ($4.99 per month).  There are no differences in terms of service available between the packages, and a 14 day money-back guarantee is available for all three plans.

A free Premium ZenMate trial is available for users after they verify their account and ZenMate login details on the website.  The ZenMate trial is free, and users do not worry about having to enter in billing information before they want to subscribe.

Users can also sign up for a free account, however the free version is limited.  It has slower connection speeds, and has less platforms and server locations.

Bottom Line

Overall, ZenMate offers an easy and inexpensive solution for users who want to access blocked content from around the world.  Those who are simply looking for how to unblock Netflix and are not concerned with the lacking security and privacy measures will enjoy high speed HD streaming from anywhere in the world with ZenMate.

ZenMate is a simple, stripped down VPN service designed for the average internet consumer, so do not be taken back by the lack of extra amenities.  If you are looking for the best VPN for Netflix, ZenMate is surely a competitor.

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