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Watch Netflix with a VPN

Netflix is one of the top streaming services in the world for TV and movies.

Unfortunately, not everyone can access Netflix and if you are a US customer that travels internationally, you may also have trouble accessing Netflix. Want to Watch Your Favorite Shows and Movies? We Have Best VPN Services & Deals for You!
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What is VPN and How to Use With Netflix

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. When you connect to the internet via VPN, you are setting up a secure internet tunnel that allows you to mask both your identity and your internet traffic.

VPN servers are located around the world and gives you the chance to login to the internet from a location such as Germany but to give the appearance of logging in from another country.

When connected to VPN, your internet services run the same as if you are directly connected to your modem or Wi-Fi connection. To use VPN and Netflix, just login to your VPN server and access Netflix as you normally would.

You’re Not Presently in the United States

If you are a Netflix subscriber and travel outside of the United States, you will often discover that you will be unable to access the site. Netflix blocks many countries from accessing their site and the only way you’re going to get to your shows is through the use of a VPN.

When you use a VPN, the Netflix servers see the connection from the VPN server location and not your physical location. If you are in the United Kingdom and connect to a Florida VPN server, Netflix sees you’re in Florida.

Your Netflix Selections Are Limited

Even if you are in a country where Netflix is available, you may not have all the same options as U.S. customers. Canadian customers can attest to the fact they don’t have as many options as Netflix users located in the United States.

If you use VPN and Netflix together, you can then login to the U.S. Netflix site and access all of their available content. Again, Netflix sees the location of the VPN server and not your physical location. For all they know, maybe you’re on extended vacation in the U.S. or perhaps you’ve recently moved.

Not All VPN Services Are Compatible With Netflix – Do Your Research

When you start researching VPN providers, you need to make sure whether they will allow you access Netflix. On some services, you will not be able to use VPN and Netflix. Netflix has been actively working to block known VPN services from accessing their servers and the list of blocked companies is regularly growing.

Some VPN services will only have a few servers where you can stream from Netflix. Your best bet is to not only read reviews about VPN providers but also reach out to their customer support team to find out which server will allow you to stream.

Our personal recommendation is to stay away from providers who have a limited number of servers or that claim that they will be expanding server to provide Netflix access in the future.

Best VPN Overview


ExpressVPN is the best provider in terms of customer service, connection speeds, and streaming high-quality content.

It’s well worth the asking price, and their no hassle money-back guarantee means you can test it out easily before committing.

A VPN that offers world-class privacy features without compromising on speed and performance.

A speedy VPN despite its limited server count with all the essential privacy features.

SaferVPN is fast and high-performing VPN with some useful privacy features.

PureVPN is one of the fastest private networks out there with a geographically huge range of servers. It is compatible with almost any device, including gaming consoles, making it ideal for streaming almost any TV channel. Overall it serves as a reliable and highly secure VPN.

ZenMate is a simple and versatile VPN offering basic privacy and protection features. Users can take advantage of fast downloads and HD streaming with a fast connection.