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PureVPN Review

September 2018 PureVPN Review & Deals

PureVPN is one of the fastest private networks out there with a geographically huge range of servers. It is compatible with almost any device, including gaming consoles, making it ideal for streaming almost any TV channel. Overall it serves as a reliable and highly secure VPN.

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Compatible with

  • Amazon
  • ESPN
  • Hulu
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Facebook
  • HBO
  • Netflix

Recommended For

  • Streaming
  • Downloading
  • Easy to use
  • High protection
1 Month Visit Site
10.95 /mo
  • Excellent Speeds
  • Users Can Pay with PayPal, Bitcoin and even Gift Cards
  • Available in 161 Countries
  • Android and iOS Apps Available
  • Excellent Pricing for Long-Term Subscriptions
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Best Value
2 Years Save 73% Visit Site
2.95 /mo
  • Excellent Speeds
  • Users Can Pay with PayPal, Bitcoin and even Gift Cards
  • Available in 161 Countries
  • Android and iOS Apps Available
  • Excellent Pricing for Long-Term Subscriptions
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6 Months Save 50% Visit Site
8.95 /mo
  • Excellent Speeds
  • Users Can Pay with PayPal, Bitcoin and even Gift Cards
  • Available in 161 Countries
  • Android and iOS Apps Available
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PureVPN Overview

Established in over 121+ countries, PureVPN is continually updating its server list and is one of the fastest and most extensive VPNs we have reviewed. We are very impressed with its large variety of devices that it can be used with and failed to find one that it wasn’t compatible with. Areas for improvement however include, improvement in the iOS apps which occasionally cause connection issues as well as being more transparent in their logging. Read on for a more detailed review.

Things we like

It’s vast server network

There’s a free PureVPN trial available across all OS platforms for three days

Anonymous payment methods are available through the use of Bitcoin, Ali Pay and Payment Wall

Largest variety of device compatibility

Impressive FAQ and Tutorial section

Things we didn't like

Compatibility issues with their MAC app, also causing occasional connection issues

Doesn’t provide access to the Tor network

Speed & Performance

It doesn’t matter what VPN you use, your speed performance is always going to take a hit, as the strong encryption process has no choice but to take a bite out of your resources, thus affecting speed. During testing, we found it to be one of, if not the fastest VPNs. PureVPN download speeds actually improved with speeds increasing by an impressive 346.5%. Most VPNs lower the download speeds by up to 15% so this was a fantastic result. On the other hand, it didn’t perform so well with uploads and actually slowed them down by 22%, which is more like the expected figure.

If you are someone who just loves watching TV and streaming away, then look no further than PureVPN. Just the idea of streaming at less than top speed might make you shudder but PureVPN is one of the best providers available when it comes to streaming with speed. Unfortunately you won’t be able to access the Netflix library but you will gain access to geo-restricted channels including BBC iPlayer, Showtime, HBO, Amazon Prime and Hulu leaving you spoilt for choice. PureVPN’s high speeds makes it the best VPN option for all you avid gamers out there, no one wants a frozen screen when they are playing highly intensive games where even the smallest of glitches can have drastic effects (i.e. a shot to the head meaning ‘game over’), with PureVPN there’ll be none of that.


PureVPN knows just how important security and privacy are when it comes down to users’ wishes for online anonymity and that is why it uses an OpenVPN system with 256-bit encryption keys. This is the military standard used by the UK, Japanese, US, Chinese and even the NATO armies, making it near impossible to crack.

PureVPN feels a little different from other VPNs in that once signed up it will customize your VPN experience prompting you to select from: Internet Freedom, Stream, Security/Privacy, File Sharing, and Remote/Dedicated IP address. In the protocol menu you can choose from a plethora of protocols including; IKEv2, L2TP, OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP and even their ‘Stealth protocol’. For those less tech-savvy, PureVPN will automatically choose one it believes is best suited to you. We love this freedom of choice to customize your very own VPN experience.

The main problem that we found with PureVPN however, is that even though it states that is has a strict no-log policy, it is near impossible to run a VPN service without a minimal amount of logging. The recent arrest of a cyber stalker in the US was in fact aided by PureVPN, when the FBI asked questions relating to his logs, PureVPN handed them over proving there are a few holes in PureVPNs ‘no-log’ policy. If you read the Terms and Conditions carefully however, you will see that it states “Connection and bandwidth are kept in record to maintain the quality of our service.” Meaning that unfortunately there is no way that PureVPN is a 100% no-log provider.

Do keep in mind however, that few VPNs are true no-log providers and that other than that they are highly secure. They also provide a handy kill switch, should your connection cut.

Server Locations

PureVPN is a global monster in terms of its vast server locations around the world. They are continually growing their server base year upon year, which we love, and now have a grand total of over 500 PureVPN servers in 121 countries. This means that if one server is acting up and a bit slower than you’d like, or perhaps you weren’t able to access your favorite TV channel, you can simply switch servers with a plethora of choice until you find one that is optimal.

Customer Support

PureVPN offers customer support 24/7 via Live Chat, Ticket System, Email, Remote Desktop Assistance as well as via its impressive “Knowledge-base” or “PureVPN Wiki” in order to answer any questions you may have. The Live Chat support took around four minutes to reply to our requests, which we thought was particularly speedy especially as we asked over the busy weekend. We found the team to be friendly and very helpful from a tech perspective. The only thing we wished they had was phone support, it’s always nice to occasionally hear a real human being on the other side of the line.


If you’re looking to sign up for a PureVPN login, although it only offers a free PureVPN trial for OS users (for a 3 day period), it does offer a 7 day money-back guarantee if you wanted to test the waters first. And at $2.91 a month for their 2-year plan, we’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

One big benefit of having a PureVPN login is that they accept just about every means of subscription payment that you can think of including; PayPal, Bitcoin, credit card, Cashu, PaymentWall and a dozen cryptocurrencies to name a few! There is even an option to use gift cards so if you ever wanted to use that birthday gift card for a top-notch VPN service – here’s your window!


  • $11.95 a month
  • $8.95 a month for a six-month plan
  • $2.91 a month for a two year plan

Bottom Line

PureVPN is a highly secure provider and certainly top of the pack when it comes to speed. If you are looking for a provider that isn’t going to hinder your PureVPN download performance, on the contrary, increase it, and you want a VPN to stream all of your favorite shows in top, fast quality, then this is the VPN you’ve been looking for. Other than its hiccup in it’s no log policy which we won’t scrutinize them too much for, PureVPN boasts an affordable price and solid infrastructure, making it a highly attractive choice and one that we would highly recommend.

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