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Best VPN For BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is one of the top streaming services in the UK for watching exclusive shows.

BBC offers some of the best broadcast television on the planet. Fans from all over the world enjoy BBC programming and many attempt to access shows via the BBC iPlayer online. Outside the UK, BBC iPlayer access is restricted, and only by using a VPN can this restriction be overridden.
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What many of these fans have discovered is that BBC iPlayer is not available to everyone – only people in the UK. That is unless they are using VPN. A VPN connection will give anyone unfettered access to BBC and all of their most popular programs. In fact, according to GlobalWebIndex, in 2015, over 65 million people access BBC iPlayer via VPNs. You can be one as well!

BBC iPlayer is Geo-Restricted

BBC iPlayer is one of the most famous geo-restricted media players in the world. If you don’t reside in the United Kingdom, the site is blocked. US fans of Doctor Who have been discovering this the hard way in recent years as they try and access the site to watch episodes and receive a message telling them that the site is only available in the UK.

A VPN is the best way to get around this geo-restriction. With VPN, a user can connect to a server in the UK and when they access BBC iPlayer, the program works perfectly. American fans can watch Doctor Who or any of the other programs available on BBC networks.

Note that VPN doesn’t just unblock BBC iPlayer but also any geo-restricted content globally. For example, users in Germany can connect to a US server to access Netflix or any other content unavailable to them. The best VPN providers offer vast global networks, allowing easy workarounds to any geo-restriction.

There Are Other Workarounds – But They Are NOT Reliable

VPN certainly is not the only solution for accessing BBC iPlayer, but it is by far the easiest to implement and the most reliable of solutions.

There are a few catches with some of the standard workarounds. First, they typically required a bit of advanced knowledge of web browsers. They require users hard code settings that often interfere with standard web browsing.

Next, the workarounds are often unreliable or even illegal. The most common workaround is using a UK-based proxy server. These servers often are not open to the general public and frequently are shut down shortly after the server admins discover the massive jump in traffic. A server that works today will often not work tomorrow.

With VPN, you don’t have to worry about hard coding advanced settings or reliability. The majority of VPN providers offer client software that will connect one with just a single click. At most, you might have to change your server, and that’s often a setting that’s right on the connection page.

Reliability isn’t an issue because the servers are secured and won’t have 1,000’s of unauthorized users trying to piggyback the connection.

Improve Streaming Speeds With VPN

Something that many VPN users have discovered is streaming with a VPN can actually improve speeds. The can work in a couple of ways. When connected to a VPN server to work around geo-restrictions, the connection between physical servers are reduced.

Rather than trying to connect to the streaming server from the United States, the VPN server in the UK is the one making the connection. This reduces latency between the servers and can increase connection speeds.

The other way a VPN can increase speeds is through dedicated or specialized servers. Many of the top providers offer servers that have been specially optimized for particular activities. On average, these activities are streaming and torrenting. Servers that have been optimized often provide a speed boost for the VPN connection.

Best VPN Overview

CyberGhost is a premium VPN service with great speeds and heaps of servers. Despite a few negatives, it’s worth trying out if you need a trustworthy provider that ticks all of the right boxes.


ExpressVPN is the best provider in terms of customer service, connection speeds, and streaming high-quality content.

It’s well worth the asking price, and their no hassle money-back guarantee means you can test it out easily before committing.

A VPN that offers world-class privacy features without compromising on speed and performance.

A speedy VPN despite its limited server count with all the essential privacy features.

SaferVPN is fast and high-performing VPN with some useful privacy features.

For the security-conscious web surfer, VyprVPN’s privacy measures offer excellent value. With an expansive network of servers, the company provides fast and reliable connections for users.