Best VPN for Torrenting - 2018

Torrent users are aware of the risks involved in seeding or downloading files. One of the best ways to eliminate these risks is to use VPN for torrenting.

VPN Masks One’s Identity

 When connecting to a BitTorrent server, a user’s IP address is visible for everyone to see. This is normal because this is how users connect to each other. The downside is the address is traceable and there are numerous groups out there whose sole purpose is to track down and punish torrent users. These punishments range from a simple warning letter to criminal prosecution. In many cases, one will have their internet access terminated.

A simple solution is to use VPN for torrenting. When connected to VPN, all internet activity is done through the VPN server. Other users can only see the IP address of the VPN server. This makes it impossible for anti-piracy groups to track downloads and leaves users free to download or seed torrents at will.

 VPN Adds Extra Security

 Individuals who download torrent files are already aware of the risks involved. Even those with antivirus and malware protection can still fall victim to smart hackers or fresh malware codes.

Users who choose to torrent through VPN enjoy an extra layer of security over open-ended users. We already pointed out that VPN anonymizes one’s connection. This makes it impossible for hackers to forcibly attack individual users. In addition, VPN providers have advanced firewall and malware protection on their servers that actively scans data for threats.

Selecting a Torrent Friendly VPN Provider

It is important users choose a VPN provider that doesn’t keep logs. Some services will claim “no logging” but upon further examination, their Terms & Conditions state otherwise. Use caution even with providers that keep “diagnostic logs” because they easily switch over to full logging.

Providers based in countries outside of the United States are usually best for torrenting. Look for services based in countries like Canada, Switzerland and the Netherlands. These types of providers are often “torrent friendly.”

 Pay a Little Now or Maybe a LOT More Later

While cliché, the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is applicable for torrenting over VPN. Torrent files are “free” to download but they can have hidden costs.

If prosecuted, users can be fined up to $100,000 or more just for a single download of a song or movie. Seeders can face similar fines for each instance that a file is downloaded from their computer. Even if not prosecuted, one risks losing their ISP access, which can incur fees and additional costs when signing up for new service elsewhere.

As such, one would be wise to invest a few dollars each month for a VPN service. It is a smart investment that can protect one’s privacy and save them a world of legal headaches in the future.