VPN Reviews

If you’re researching VPN providers, you know that there are dozens (if not hundreds) of reviews on every service. Sifting through this information can be time consuming and confusing. To help speed up the process, we offer some tips on what to look for in the best VPN reviews.

Realistic Speed and Connectivity Reviews

Everyone wants to know about VPN speeds and connectivity, so naturally that is going to be part of the review. However, you want to discount reviews that will only tell you that “speeds are great” without any data to back it up. Why are the speeds greats? How do the speeds compare to other services? Are the speeds same on every server?

Next, you want reviews that will give you connectivity details. Just because a VPN has servers all over the world doesn’t mean they are all created equal. What servers are best for downloading torrents? Which servers can you stream Netflix through? If you are located in Germany, how are the U.S. servers when you connect to them?

If the review defaults to “speeds are great and you can connect anywhere in the world,” you want to find a review with a bit more detail.

What Can You Do With the Service?

Not all VPNs are wide open. Some will actually restrict some activities, such as torrent downloading. Others will have a number of servers that will not be able to connect to Netflix. It is important that you find out if your VPN server will allow all these activities.

Reviews that are just trying to sell you on a product will default with the “you can do anything you want on this service.” Even if true overall, it may not be true on every server. You need this information to make an accurate decision.

Does The Reviewer Sound Knowledgeable?

For every solid review that you find regarding a VPN service, you will find 10 that are written by someone with the solĀ purpose of trying to “sell you a product.” One of the first things you should look for is whether the review is written by someone that is actually knowledgeable in VPN technology and may have actually used the product.

Someone that is experienced in VPN and has used the product will often have a very technical way with which they write about the product. Often they will use terms that you have not heard of or don’t understand. They will often give you usage stats and compare them to other services.

Basically, the geekyer and techno babble you find in a review, the better the odds that the person knows what they are talking about.

Reviews Should NEVER Be Completely Positive

If you see a review or reviewer that never mentions anything negative about a service, alarm bells should go off in your head. This person is going out of their way to make the product sound good so that you will purchase the service.

Every VPN service in existence has areas where it is lacking either in general or in comparison to other services. If the review fails to mention any negatives, or the negatives are watered down, then you should move on to another review.

Read MULTIPLE REVIEWS Before Selecting a VPN Service

If you haven’t already figured it out, it is important that you don’t rely on one site when reading reviews on VPN services. While it is important that you read reviews on VPNs, it is equally important to get multiple opinions on the service.

Some reviews may not be as thorough or the reviewer may not have the same level of expertise. By reading multiple reviews, you give yourself the best chance of finding the VPN service that best suits your needs.