VPN for Kodi

Kodi allows users to access a world of streaming media from the privacy of their homes. This virtually unlimited access does come with some major risks. One way to avoid these risks is by using Kodi though VPN.

Access Geolocated and Blocked Material

There’s a large percentage of material available through Kodi that is blocked via geolocation protocols. For example, a user living in the United States will be blocked from accessing some material in the United Kingdom.

Connecting to Kodi via VPN will allow users to get around these blocks by permitting them to connect to a server located in that location. A user in the US connects to a UK VPN server and all previously blocked material is now available.

Avoid Being Spied Upon

Anyone that uses Kodi over a standard connection will be spied upon at one point or another. Whether it is the NSA, Mossad, GCHQ or even one’s local ISP, activity over Kodi may be tracked.

VPN assists in anonymizing user traffic over Kodi. First, a VPN masks user traffic by passing everything through a VPN. When a user connects to Kodi via VPN, it is the VPN server connecting and not the user’s computer.

Next, a VPN prevents deep packet inspection by one’s ISP. DPI is one method an ISP uses to track browsing activity. Since all activity is done by the server, all that the ISP will see is the connection to the server and nothing else.

Stop Hackers in Their Tracks

 One major attraction of Kodi for streamers is that it is open source. This advantage is also a huge disadvantage for users. Since it is open source, just about all add-ons are developed by third parties and most are anonymous.

As such, one never knows which of these developers are really just clever hackers looking to steal user information. This is another strong argument for investing in VPN.

When connected to a VPN, a user receives a virtual IP address from the VPN server. This address is not traceable and allows a user to surf anonymously on the server. In the worst-case scenario, the hacker attacks the VPN. Due to the high level of security on most VPN servers, hackers will get nowhere.

Improve Overall Performance on Some Servers

Lastly, users looking to improve performance of some streaming servers should consider VPN. Most VPN services have servers located around the globe and this allows one to connect in a location near the server of the streaming service.

For example, if a user in Spain is having trouble streaming some US based shows, connecting to a US VPN server may increase the overall speed of the stream as the lag between servers is greatly reduced