Best VPN For Sky Go

From sports, to dramas, movies and more, thousands of viewers enjoy the wide variety of entertainment available on the Sky Go network daily. However, if you live outside of the UK or are traveling, you will not be able to access Sky Go network on your mobile device or desktop computer.

Using a VPN you would be able to tap into your Sky GO account from anywhere in the world.


Why Can’t I Watch Sky Go Outside of The UK?

Copyright laws restrict how film and television companies distribute content internationally. While Sky may have the rights to distribute these shows and movies inside the UK, they can’t offer them anywhere else.  Due to these copyright conflicts, Sky Go does not accept customers from outside of the UK, nor does it allow subscribers to use their services when they are outside the country.


This can be disappointing if you are traveling or simply live outside of the UK and want to catch up on your favorite programming on one of the many Sky Channels, be they sports networks, or even international programming like Discovery and MTV.


Don’t be stuck missing your new favorite episode of A League of Their Own because of outdated and restrictive regulations.  Easily watch Sky Go with VPN services from anywhere around the world.


How to Use VPN For Sky Go

A VPN gives you a UK IP address when you connect to Sky Go. When browsing the internet outside of the country, you may only access Sky Go by masking your location. Your VPN will allow you to connect your device through a local server to Sky Go and watch your favorite shows.

Follow these easy steps and you can start watching Sky Go with a VPN in no time flat:

-Search for a VPN service that matches your needs and budget

-Find the plan that best works for you and complete your registration

-Download and install your VPN client, or set it up on your web browser

-Load up your VPN client

-Select “Browsing from UK”

-Navigate to Sky Go

-Enjoy your favorite Sky Go channels and programming

Safely Watch Sky Go With VPN

Once your VPN is all set up on your mobile device or desktop, you can access Sky Go and enjoy all your favorite channels, movies, sports, and other programming included in the Sky network.

Keep up-to-date with your favorite Sky Go programs no matter where you are in the world. Never miss a match or episode by watching Sky Go with a VPN. Read our in-depth reviews to find the VPN service that best matches your needs now!