Sports fans around the world have heard of the newest live sports streaming service DAZN.  Dubbed the “Netflix of Sports”, DAZN gives you access to an unrivaled number of live sports content from all around the world from the comfort of your home. With football, basketball, fighting, tennis, soccer and more, DAZN offers a plethora of live sports options at the press of a button.

The problem is, if you do not live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Japan, you still will not be able to access this service and see what it has to offer.  If you are an avid sports fan and cannot wait until this service is available to you, there is another way.

Why Can’t I Access DAZN From My Country?

 Due to licensing issues, DAZN is only available to a select few countries.  However, if you use a VPN for DAZN, you can still access the service and enjoy all the live sports the network has to offer. You can easily change the geolocation of your IP address in order avoid blackouts and enter the DAZN network.

You don’t want to miss another match of your favorite team due to a regional restriction.  You can have the world’s sports networks at your fingertips and stream DAZN with a VPN on your computer or mobile device.

Will A VPN Work for Streaming Live Content?

 A VPN will give you access to the DAZN network so you can watch your favorite teams in real-time regardless of where they are playing. It is important to note that different VPN services have different capabilities, and faster VPN clients generally cost more.  If it is worth it for you to stream your live HD content from DAZN, then consider paying for a VPN client.

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How to Use VPN for DAZN

 In order to watch live sports on DAZN, you should look for a more powerful and faster VPN which will allow you to stream live in HD without interruptions.  Also, if you want the ability to watch on your mobile device, make sure your VPN choice has mobile functionality.


Setting up your chosen VPN client is simple:

  1. -Download and install your chosen client
  2. -Register and activate your VPN client
  3. -Choose the appropriate country to browse from (Germany, Japan, Austria, or Switzerland)
  4. -Open up DAZN and enjoy the match!


Never Miss a Match Again

 You will never have to miss a match again with your new VPN client for DAZN.  There are numerous options to choose from, so make sure you choose the right client for your needs and budget.  Explore our expert reviews of the best VPN services and find the one that lets you watch your favorite sporting events on DAZN today!