Using a VPN with Facebook

Facebook is a way of life for a large number of internet users. However, there are times where you may be unable to access the site due to restrictions.

VPN, or Virtual Private Networking, offers a way to get around these restrictions while giving you extra security over Wi-Fi. Continue reading to learn more about using VPN for Facebook.


VPN Unlocks Network Restrictions

Some of us encounter network restrictions in our daily lives. The two most common are restrictions placed on our internet connection at work or at school. If you find that your company or school is blocking you from accessing certain sites, consider using VPN for Facebook.

VPN acts as a secret tunnel on your internet server that allows you direct access to the internet without restrictions. Once connected to the VPN server, that server handles all of your internet traffic and your restrictions are no longer valid.

This allows you to access Facebook or any other site that may be normally blocked. One word of advice. Those of you using VPN at work may want to check your corporate policies regarding such activities and using Facebook at work so you can avoid possible termination.

VPN Bypasses Government Restrictions

Similar to institutional blocks placed on internet activity, some countries will prevent you from accessing certain sites or social media sites. North Korea is famous for blocking a wide variety of content, including access to Facebook.

If you’re experiencing said blocks, then using VPN for Facebook is really going to be your only option. VPN works the same for governmental blocks as institutional blocks. Once connected, your government can only see the IP address of the server you’re connected to and none of the subsequent traffic thereafter.

VPN Adds Extra Security

One of the most important reasons to use VPN for Facebook is the added security that it provides for users, especially those on public Wi-Fi. It is no secret that you put your computer or mobile device at risk when you connect to public Wi-Fi.

When you connect to Facebook, you also risk someone being able to access your profile information or even hacking your account. That’s why you should be using VPN for Facebook.

When you are connected to VPN, users on see that you’re connected to the server. In addition, most VPN servers add a layer of firewall protection to your connection that further protects your computer.

Once connected to VPN, your connection is secure and you can access Facebook free from worry.

Read VPN Reviews Carefully

Once you decide to signup for VPN, we recommend doing extensive research on your desired provider. Go online and check out multiple reviews on the service to get a good idea of what features they provide and whether they are truly secure.

Stay away from sites that do any type of tracking, even for “diagnostic purposes.” Chances are they are doing more tracking or are unable to stop their local government from doing so.

There are plenty of quality providers to choose from and all of the best providers will provide safe and secure access to Facebook. Taking the time to do a bit of research now will save you a ton of headache later.