Best VPN For Sports Streaming

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve surely experienced the frustration of not being able to access your favorite game, championship, or series while outside the US. Fortunately, VPN services are making this issue obsolete by providing fast, easy, and clear streaming channels so even non-US citizens or US citizens traveling abroad can watch sports anytime they want. Continue reading to find out how it works.

Just found out you’ll be in Hong Kong for the first pitch of Game One in the World Series or the opening ceremony of the Olympics, halfway across the world? Don’t worry; even the Great Wall of China can’t beat a good VPN. Follow these steps to instant game streaming of all your favorite sporting events throughout the world.

Step One: Sign Up

First select a VPN service to use. We’ve listed a few great options above, but you’re free to select the service of your choice. Just make sure they have the features you are looking for, so you don’t get stuck without a channel at the top of the ninth.

Whichever service you choose, create an account as your first step. If it’s a free account, this will be super-fast. Otherwise, you’ll have to put in credit card details, but that’s only one extra step, so don’t be intimidated.

Step Two: Choose a Country

Once you have a VPN service, you need to find the right country to channel your streaming through. The service will have a list of countries, and you can simply select one from the list.

Step Three: Go to Your Site

Type in the streaming site into the browser (ex.,, watch the site get rerouted through the chosen country, and voila! Your game is up and running before you’ve had time to get back from the kitchen with a beer!

Never miss out on the Super Bowl, March Madness, World Series, or any other prominent sporting event again. Just hook up to a streaming channel, and use one of these reliable VPNs to watch sports anytime, day or night.


How a VPN Helps

The reason a VPN is useful for watching live Sports  is:

  • It hides your IP address. This means you can access Sports channels and games that are blocked from your Country.
  • Fast and Smooth Streaming. Not all, but our recommended VPN’s offer a fast connection with no lagging or delays for fast Sports streaming; You would never miss a single goal or a touchdown.
  • Added security. This service provides users with added security on every level whenever they’re on the Internet.

ExpressVPN, NordVPN and PrivateVPN, are known for being solid services and work well for Sport Streaming. Stream, download, and surf safely with the helpful security of a VPN.