Best VPN For Popcorn Time

Your access to Popcorn Time may be in danger. No, this isn’t a “conspiracy theory” but rather a documented fact based on recent history with the program. Popcorn Time is essentially a fancy BitTorrent client and various groups are out to shut down the program and prosecute its users. The only real defense against this is using Popcorn Time with a VPN.

Your Activity is Easily Tracked

You may not be aware of this, but every time you use Popcorn Time, your activity can easily be tracked by third parties. It is a documented fact that Popcorn Time has been extensively tracked over the years and this tracking has resulted in the developers being sued and their website being seized.

With most “underground” programs, the program was picked up by other parties and offered on alternative sites. Even so, that didn’t change the fact that users can easily be tracked.

You Can Be Sued

Some of you may not be aware that you’re breaking the law whenever you use Popcorn Time to access movies or media files. This is because Popcorn Time also uses your connection to distribute the movies or media you download to your computer. Not only are you committing piracy but also you are helping others to do so.

Popcorn Time is one instance where users of the software have faced legal action. One of the most publicized instances was back in 2015 when a large number of German users were sued for €815 ($860 US) each just for using the software.


Many Countries Block Popcorn Time

Several countries actively block Popcorn Time. In 2015, a UK court ordered that ISPs block Popcorn Time software and any sites that the software happens to connect to. Israel’s government has blocked Popcorn Time on a national scale also.

The exact number of countries blocking Popcorn Time can change without warning and standard users may be left without access.

Use Popcorn Time Freely With VPN

The only way to safely use Popcorn Time is over a VPN connection. When you connect to a VPN server, all internet activity is filtered through that server. If you are located in Russia and connect to a server in the United States, Popcorn Time believes you’re connecting from the United States.

This also can help you get around blocks from other countries. Let’s say you’re in the UK and want to connect to Popcorn Time. Connect first to VPN and that VPN connection is the only thing your government will see. The VPN server effectively acts like a cloaking device, allowing you to move around the web undetected.

Furthermore, VPN can prevent you from getting sued by the MPAA or other associations that actively prosecute against piracy. Again, all they can see is the VPN server.

Of course, you can continue to try and use Popcorn Time without VPN but don’t be surprised to wake up one day with either your access blocked or a letter demanding damages.