VPN for Amazon Prime and Fire

Amazon Prime and Amazon Fire are awesome options for accessing the best streaming content on the web. Unfortunately, both services block access to those outside the United States.  Luckily, a VPN is a simple option for allowing you to get around these geo-blocks while also providing the added benefit of keeping your online privacy safe.

Steps for Unblocking Amazon Prime and Amazon Fire Content

 You can unblock Amazon Prime and Amazon Fire in three simple steps:


Step 1 – Sign up for a VPN service

Step 2 – Connect to a US-based VPN server (tips below on which to choose)

Step 3 – Log in to Amazon Prime or Amazon Fire and watch your favorite shows.


Getting Around Geo-Blocks Without Sacrificing Speed

No one likes watching videos that constantly need to buffer, so we have a few tips to help you get around geo-blocks while simultaneously maintaining your connection speed:

  • Are you in East Asia or Australia? Connect to a VPN server on the US West Coast (or even Hawaii or Alaska, if available).
  • Are you in Europe, the Middle East or Africa? Choose a server in the Eastern US.
  • Are you in Mexico or Latin America? Servers in the Southern US will work best.
  • Are you in Canada? Opt for a server located close to the US-Canada border.

Also, some VPN providers have dedicated servers for streaming. If your provider offers this, try those servers first as they will have the fastest speeds.


Maintaining Your Privacy

In addition to getting around geo-blocks, VPNs can also help you protect your online privacy. When you connect to a VPN, your physical location is blocked and other parties only see the VPN server you’re connecting to. Plus, a VPN encrypts your data, so you can stream Amazon on a public WiFi connection without worrying about getting hacked by cybercriminals.

VPN servers also block tracking cookies and other methods of detection used by websites.


Watch Your Favorite Shows Now

Whether you’re looking to protect your privacy or you want to access Amazon Fire and Amazon Prime from other parts of the world, a VPN is your only logical solution.

A VPN is simple to set up, allows you to get around geo-blocks and protects your privacy as you watch your favorite shows. So why put it off any longer? Go sign up for VPN today and start enjoying your favorite shows on Amazon Prime and Amazon Fire from anywhere in the world.